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Gotrek Crossarms

Advanced character profile :

Gotrek Crossarms

Full name: Gotrek Crossarms

Known as: Gottie/Fatrek/

Rank: Sergeant

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Gotty looks to be around forty years old. his body is well taken care off together with his hair and vandyke. hes not the tallest of the guardsman. his not the most handsome of the guardsmen. But with an axe as large as a Man and an uniform as fine as kings who would not fall for this Soldier. his real age is far from his looks and he ofthen laughs of it when people ask His plate shoulders has the D'Gar Insignia pressed into them to show where his loyality stands

Work-description: Most of his years in the militia he has served by the side of Lord D'Gar. as a noble guard. afther the nobelman released him off his poste he has served the militia faithfully taxing travelers watching the roads and keeping the dorms in order

Personality: Gotty dosnt seem very social. actualy he can seem very grumpy and cold. but hes actualy the opposite when he opens up. a man who laughs alot and smiles he loves to share a bottle of ale with his friend Phil Lynx and is where he will mostly be found next to him chatting and doing theyr job' or hiding in the tavern drinking away the duty houers

Background: he hardly ever speaks of his background due to the fact it brings him down. he used to be married an have a home and another job. then his wife was murdered and he moved and found another job tough thats the more common story you will hear

Alignment: Neutral Good - Loyal to the Noble house. and the king. tough gotty might sometimes hide a gem from a patrol to fund his retirement

Reputation: Gotrek is a known Face in the militia. most guards and citizen seems to know his name and his halberd. hes a evryday guardsman who allways is in his spot watching over yew and keeping it secure Gotty has earnd the reputation of being a trusted guard who never hides from Danger and evil. and is likely one of the first men to run right into the enemy army

Motivations/goals: Gotty's goal is to one day retire from the militia and buy himself a nice home far away from the wars and dutys of the militia. and hopefully get his best friend to tag along with him

Quote: " Your not as dumb as your ugly Trainee"

Ribbons: "Ribbon of Tutelage" "Ribbon of Champions" "Ribbon of Discipline" "Drakan's Boxing Ribbon" "Ribbon of Champions" "Ribbon of Champions" "Ribbon of Champions" "The Service Cross" "The Service Cross" "Ribbon of Champions" "Ribbon of Recruiting"

Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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